CityLiveSketch – Artistic Project by Pietro Cataudella

Born in 1991, Sicily, currently based in Pisa, Tuscany, Pietro Cataudella has been drawing since he was a child. “I’ve never studied drawing or illustration at specific courses or Universities. I learned by myself and refined my technique thanks to a lot of patience, passion, and desire to improve myself.” With his CityLiveSketch project, he aims to showcase the beautiful world surrounding us, both the iconic places and the most characteristic views, using not only simple photos but also drawings made on a normal travel sketchbook. So, a little sketchbook, smartphone camera and Photoshop for editing are the tools of this artist. Take a look at our gallery, and when you get impressed as we are, head over to Cataudella’s Instagram Page for more city live sketches.

Pietro Cataudella draws buildings because he loves architecture, they are often full of details, and for him, it’s a challenge to add as many details as possible to his CityLiveSketch.


“I like giving new life to inanimate objects with my imagination,” – wrote Cataudella on his Instagram Story.


“In 2014 I decided to create a new type of images to show the beauties of my hometown, using not only photos but also drawing.”

During 2016, the desire to continue experimenting with new forms of art and to make even more creative content has led to the creation of a new category of “Fantasy” CityLiveSketch, in which the drawing interacts (or even blends) with photography.


Then, in 2018 there is one more evolution of illustrations, thanks to the creation of the new “3D CityLiveSketch”.

via [citylivesketch.wordpress]