Portraits ‘As Usual’ by Brooke DiDonato Might Not Be as Usual as You Might Think

Portraits from another world? A twisted world perhaps, sometimes a more beautiful and peaceful world. These strange dimensions come straight out of the peculiar mind of Brooklyn-based photographer Brooke DiDonato. She says: “The bulk of my images are set in real locations, but the characters in them are often exaggerated or imagined. I’m interested in blending these different elements together and delivering them through a medium that was traditionally thought of as a way to archive our realities.” DiDonato loves to play with the viewer’s perception, making us think where does a body of one model starts and where does the next one begin. Her series “as Usual” is included in ‘The Fence’ – a traveling photography exhibition coming in Boston, Denver, Huston, and Calgary, Canada.Visit DiDonato’s Instagram and official website here for more portraits from the bizarre world.

 Inspiration for this shot came from DiDonato’s previous work

This photo was the inspiration, a photo made for a shoe campaign

Photographer  twists and turns her models and combines them with real-world locations

Her photo series is obviously named ‘As Usual’

Her bizarre worlds often become even more beautiful and peaceful than reality itself

And sometimes they’re just a vision that brews only in her peculiar mind

via [thisiscolossal]