At the Edge of the World with Yeshi Kangrang

You’ve already noticed there is no limit for our artists. Today’s theme is Yeshi Kangrang’s rooftop photography – brilliant and breath-taking. You don’t have to imagine how it looks like, cause Kangrang captured that limitless and mesmerizing view for us all. This gifted Tibetan from Toronto just longs for a great cityscape. Sitting on the highest buildings, watching his city breaths and lives during the day or night – it’s precious and unforgettable. He also brought photo editing on a whole new level – you’ll see when you start scrolling through our favorite picks. Everything about his photos is very powerful and captivating, the lights and colors, fun and interesting ideas. Be sure to follow Kengrang on his Instagram Page, cause there are so many perfect shots to enjoy.

Welcome to the City of Toronto.


Color grading at its finest.

Daylight shots and more fantastic editing.


Vibrant colors and sunset.


Summer is officially here.

“Beauty behind the madness”


“A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.”

Becoming part of environment.


“Meant to catch the sunset, but ended up catching a dream.”

Unforgettable moments.

“Without you, it’s a waste of time.”

via [photogrist]