Bearded Dragon and Cat Make Heartwarming BFF’s

Welcome to the life of two best friends, a fluffy feline boy named Baby and bearded dragon girl by the name of Charles. Cats can be mean and cruel and vicious hunters but also cuddly and caring even when you don’t expect them to be. That’s why cats are so great. Even though Baby could eat


Intergalactic Wedding of 2 Artists at the Surreal Burning Man Event

An intergalactic wedding has happened, in a bittersweet atmosphere as the couple of two amazing artists a photographer Gilles Bonugli Kali and his lovely lady Yoshi Churnac who’s a fashion designer and an owner of ‘Fringe and Epaulette’ entered the holy matrimony. “The 2018 Burning Man theme was I, Robot and our wedding outfits were designed to fit this futuristic theme,” Yoshi explained. “We first met


Photographer’s Childhood Dream to Visit Japan Finally Comes True

A dream come true. Memphis raised photographer and filmmaker Anthony Presley waited 20 years to fulfill his great dream. “I’ve wanted to go to Japan ever since I was a child. Its culture, nature, and architecture – I always thought those were absolutely beautiful,” Mr. Presley shared. “I must admit when I stepped out of the Tokyo Train station I could not stop myself from tearing up because the desire

20 Finalists for 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Top 41 photographs out of more than 2000 high-quality entries have just been announced by the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Tom Sullum is one of the founders and together organization stand for a great cause. Anyone can enter the contest, and in the end, there’re around 30% professionals and 70% amateur photographers. As for the cause of this amazing awards, Tom said: “our strong belief here at Comedy

World’s Largest Beach Cleanup Project Brings Back Sea Turtles in Mumbai After 20 Years of Absence

This is a beautiful story of how a collective effort for good cause can still undo a lot of damage done to Earth and its living creatures that humans have solely caused. For over 100 million years sea turtles have been swimming through oceans and nesting on beaches until humans imposed their careless will upon their dire fate. Catching them for food, accidentally grabbing them with fishing hooks and nets and ruining their nesting sites by disgustingly high pollution along beaches are the main reason why 6 out


Quirky Short Comics by Young Female Scientist

Scientist and artist in one, Olivera is a beautiful soul who describes her art simply: “Kinda funny, mostly random.” Liv, as people like to call her, has a fascinating talent to create hilarious short comics easily relatable to many. Olivera is from Belgrade, Serbia, she studies physical chemistry which keeps her very busy leaving her with less time to focus on her illustrations. “Since I was a child

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