Soothing Autumn Covers Boston and Massachusetts Suburbs by Greg DuBois

Greg DuBois has been living last 8 years in the Boston, Massachusetts, and his new home has been a great inspiration for his photography. Classically trained fine art painter with a BFA in Visual Communications with an emphasis in illustration, Greg had found a long-lost passion yet again in photography years ago. “I worked extensively with digital video and a 35mm film camera. Years ago I was reunited with photography and the passion quickly grew to an undeniable force,” he wrote on his official page. “I’ve spent over a decade creating paintings using unconventional methods and working in the field of digital art and graphic design.” Now his stunning talent for photography has collected over 56k followers on Instagram, and the gorgeous Boston project below speaks for itself. ‘Autumn Leaves’ is a beautiful English version of famous French song by the name ‘Les Feuilles Mortes’, perhaps Boston and Massachusetts suburbs by Greb DuBois is its adaptation in photography?

Dream-like Boston and Massachusetts Suburbs

DuBois is a classically trained fine art painter

Artist has been recently reunited with his great passion for photography

Take a bath in Autumn hues

Evergreen embracing the dream

Boston Skyline

New Hampshire

Mount Auburn Cemetery

via [designyoutrust]