Backyard Sand Pools Bring Beach to Your Home

In the perfect time comes to the rescue the latest jaw-dropping ‘Sand Pool’ trend to your very own backyard. This luxury pool is designed by the Spanish company Piscinas de Arena NaturSand. Their custom sand pools can be of any shapes and forms and various depths, to please your desires and backyard potential. Idea is to bring a true paradise beach to your home. It’s built using reinforced concrete later coated with fully adhered sand. The sand is still grainy but not loose, as it’s supporting the concrete surface as a solid structure. The company works all around the world and has 800 projects in over 14 countries including the US, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Portugal… In most cases, these pools are built with an entrance that begins with level zero on a soft ramp, resembling the real beach. With this approach, the need for stairs and ladders is erased. You can also watch the video on Youtube that shows the construction process of these magical home beaches.

More info: Official Website, Youtube, Facebook.

All photo credits: Piscinas de Arena NaturSand

Sand pools – designed by the Spanish company Piscinas de Arena NaturSand

They are built custom to please your wishes and backyard potential


A typical 30 by 16 feet sand pool (including both water surface and ‘sand’ areas) costs around $27,000

Sand pools are built using reinforced concrete coated with fully adhered sand that doesn’t get loose.

It provides the greatest resistance and durability with a soft touch and anti-slip surface.


The sand doesn’t even burn if it is in full sun.

The pools are no harder to maintain and clean than the regular ones.

The building process takes just 30 days.

Via: [boredpanda]