“Ballerina and Flowers” – Embodiments of Fragility and Gracefulness

A comparison of women with flowers is not a new motif in European and Asian cultures. Nature creates perfect forms that inspire artists. In this series of photographs, Yulia Artemyeva, a photographer from Nizhny Novgorod, captured a moment when the ballerina’s gesture is as graceful and beautiful as a flower. Marina Mastyka posed for Artemieva to depict the extraordinary beauty living in such a similar form. Enjoy these breath-taking shots in our gallery and visit Yulia Artemyeva’s Instagram Page.

“Through photography, I strive to find an element of uniqueness in the mundane routine,” – said Yulia Artemyeva.


“Every shooting turns into a photo hunt: studying daily life through shapes and colors.”


“I suggest my own interpretation, sometimes in the form of abstraction, for more accurate rendering of the emotional side of reality.”

“In my photo projects, I investigate the process of how people interact with space.”

“I’m stirred by the idea of a place that gives birth to utopias, illusions, and chimeras.”


“My projects look at the reality of those illusions and fantasies, projecting them into the modern environment.”

via [designyoutrust]