Ballerina Cat Showcases her Dirty Dancing Skills

Shakira step aside, a new dancing queen has arrived. Ballerina cat knows her moves and they are dirty! Don’t try this at home kids, she’s a professional. Ballerina cat does moves never seen before. She isn’t like the rest of the lazy feline society who just sits and jumps a few times a day out of boredom. Oh no, when her owner is away she creates pure art. The world stops spinning while she spins around her tiny paws. Angelic white fur, a divine posture, she has no competition. She’s taking the internet by the storm with her dancing talents and reaching for the number one spot as the most popular cat on Earth. Enjoy the marvelous performances in the photos below.

You didn’t believe us at first, right?


Epic finish!

Divine posture


Don’t try this at home, she’s a profesionall



Little stretching before a new perfomance

Because I’ve had the time of my life…

Dance with me hooman!

via [catsoncatnip]