Ballet Dancers All Around the World – by Melika Dez

Melika Dez is a movement photographer, specialized for dance and circus arts. She’s from Montreal, Canada, but often traveling where the inspiration entices her to. While on her traveling journeys she takes photographs of new places, buildings, landscapes, and portraits of kind people willing to pose. Melika is most known for her work with ballet dancers around the world and portraits of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes football team. She already had her work published by Paris Worldwide, Elle Québec, and Dark Beauty Magazine. Photographs below are taken from her movement photography projects called ‘ballet in NYC, Canada, and Europe’. On her official site, you can see everything she had achieved in her fantastic career, including all of her documented travels, portraits, street dance, circus arts, and much more. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and show your appreciation for her beautiful work and the artists involved. Enjoy!

NYC, Canada, and Europe – photography series by Melika Dez

Movement photographer, specialized in dance and circus arts

Known also for portraits of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes football team

Melika Dez travels wherever the inspiration strikes