Banal-Meets-Bizarre Surreal Photo Series by Ben Zank

The Brooklyn-based photographer has an eye for the unusual. Strange juxtapositions, awkward inconveniences, and often the ongoing struggle of life itself are all expressed through his surreal photography. Zank often portrays figures as physically encumbered with faces obscured or turned away from the camera, seemingly in the throes of personal conflict. Yet despite the adversity in each photo, the element of humor seems constantly present. In his ongoing series, the artist captures emotions of confusion, restriction, and ennui. Each image features a single subject in a seemingly mundane location: on a city sidewalk, near a semi-truck trailer, or in a forest. Yet the individual at hand is engaged with or affected by their surroundings in highly unusual ways. Zank is looking forward to a solo show in Shanghai, which will open in fall 2020. So, follow him on his Instagram Page and if you want to find out more about this surreal master visit his website and Opiom Gallery.

“Thought Deposit”


“Layer Cake”

“I am Nobody (Daily Commute)”

“The Politician


“Real is a bourgeois concept.”

“Some people are really good at getting a certain emotion of people when photographing them. I’ve found that I can create the same effect without showing someone’s face. The image itself is the emotion.”

“Not sure how I got started with it. I always liked lines, but I don’t actively seek them out.”

“Assisted Living”



“Going Under”


“Tilted Scales”


“I will admit that there are times when I’ve felt like the world could never give me enough of what I want, but that’s exactly what you need to keep improving and setting new goals for yourself.”

“Daily Agenda”

“Big Brother”

“The Stigma”

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