World’s Largest Beach Cleanup Project Brings Back Sea Turtles in Mumbai After 20 Years of Absence

This is a beautiful story of how a collective effort for good cause can still undo a lot of damage done to Earth and its living creatures that humans have solely caused. For over 100 million years sea turtles have been swimming through oceans and nesting on beaches until humans imposed their careless will upon their dire fate. Catching them for food, accidentally grabbing them with fishing hooks and nets and ruining their nesting sites by disgustingly high pollution along beaches are the main reason why 6 out of 7 species of sea turtles are still considered highly endangered. But there is still hope! Versova beach in the Mumbai, India has witnessed the world’s largest beach cleanup. As the incredible environmental effort started, the beach was dumping ground with sickening plastic waste and other trash. Afroz Shah is the name behind the man who started the initiation, removing over 5 million kilograms of plastic in 85 weeks. He even personally guarded the first turtle hatchlings. With tears in his eyes, he watched the first turtles reaching the sea on Versova beach in decades. Monsoons bring new waste each time but hard-working volunteers are well organized. “We have close to 30,000 school kids on a roster system and about 500 volunteers cleaning up regularly on weekends. We recently also had close to 6000 people on the beach for clean up on 31st May 2018,” one volunteer shares.

Ecological success, location: Versova beach – Mumbai, India


Over 20 years sea turtles haven’t been seen on Versova beach

Their nesting site was destroyed due to disgustingly high pollution

6 out of 7 sea turtles species are endangered also due to accidental net catching


In just one week over 300 turtles are found dead on coasts of Mexico

But there is hope!

Incredible eco initiation by Afroz Shah has changed the Versova beach completely


6000 people were on the beach for clean up on 31st May 2018

Close to 30,000 school kids on a roster system

Around 500 volunteers are cleaning up regularly on weekends

And this is the result!


Sea turtles are back on Versova beach after 20 years of absence!