Bearded Dragon and Cat Make Heartwarming BFF’s

Welcome to the life of two best friends, a fluffy feline boy named Baby and bearded dragon girl by the name of Charles. Cats can be mean and cruel and vicious hunters but also cuddly and caring even when you don’t expect them to be. That’s why cats are so great. Even though Baby could eat her girlfriend for lunch, she decides to give her fluffy bod of her own for a warm and sweet cuddle therapy. After long naps in a lovely embrace, Baby and Charles like to play together, look through the window and guard their home. They even eat together at the same time, and not each other, with their bowls next to one another. But Baby is not the only one who is taking care of someone in this relationship. Baby is very scared of thunder and Charles always keeps her safe and calm when Thor comes knocking on their door. If you’re interested, you can follow their everyday life and even see videos of them together on their Instagram page.

Baby is scared of thunder, that’s when Charles is there to make her feel safe


Meet this unlikely duo of best friends or even maybe crushes

Lady bearded dragon loves to sleep on her furry boy cat named Baby

They also smooch a lot


They even eat together, and not each other!

Play time

Guarding our home

More cuddles, more snuggles


Claws to the paws

Baby with his girlfriends: Julia, Pancake and Dudette

Source: catsoncatnip