Beautiful Farm and Family Photography Around the World

“You always see family portraits on the walls of people’s homes, but for me, the family doesn’t stop with the people.” This is the way ‘BC Farm and Family photography’ thinks. And they don’t even mean dogs and cats, they mean the entire farm. Every single creature you love and cherish is a part of the real farmily. The unique career as they might be the only ones in the world to practice this kind of photography started from a ‘not so simple X-Mas card. From that day on the idea grew until it became an adventurous and fulfilling career. Doing summer tours around the world, photographing farms and pets in British Columbia, Alberta, Tanzania, Africa, and the USA have been a wonderful experience for the happy farmily. “My goal is to travel the globe to photograph the different farms and lifestyles of people in many countries. One day I will write a book with all of the portraits and stories that go along with them.”

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Farmily – photography you can’t resist but love, love, love!

Photo credits: bc_farm_and_family

When your childhood is a real-life fairy tale and you’re so young that that is all you know of.

Modern Mowgli


You know life is great when goats start dancing.

How’s your X-mas? Not this good I bet.

Woodcraft of the highest order for a lovely farmily.

Too. Many. Too. Cute!!


“You should come and visit us sometimes… Address: Heaven.”

Small everything!!! And chicks ruling the ladder game.

Majestic energy.

My buddy!


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