Beautiful Makeup Artistry by Tal Peleg is in the Eye of the Beholder

The quality of makeup art has hit some very high levels and standards nowadays, and there’s no doubt that artists in this field are creative and skilled. Yet, we can make the difference between good makeup and makeup that resembles real artistry. Today our master make-up artist is Tal Peleg. Tal stopped creating her eyelids masterpieces two years ago, just when she was on the top and moved on to some other art but anyway, these precious creations are still challenging and one of a kind. She recreated some recognizable movie scenes and characters, as well as other pop culture references. Tal also found her inspiration in nature, the animal world, some social issues, and mental health. Her “eye project” lasted five years which is the longest art project she’s done in her life. As we mentioned, Tal moved on to another art project, and today she’s in design and sculpting – as always art is part of her life and as she has said in an interview for Bored Panda, it’s very important for her to create. So, be kind and support brilliant artist Tal Peleg and check out her new creations on Instagram.

Photo credits: Tal Peleg

Tal Peleg finds her inspiration in movies and pop culture, but also in nature, some social issues, and mental health.

Her work is as beautiful as it’s extraordinary.


This would creep out so many people so hard.

Amazing effect. Like a scene directly from a movie screen.


Careful around the eyes kitty!

Nothing more fabulous and ornamental than the king of the ornaments of the animal world.


via [boredpanda]