“Beauty Warriors” by Evija Laivina and Her Powerful Message for Our Society

Evija Laivina was born in 1978 in Latvia. In the summer of 2009, Laivina arrived in Scotland where she started Contemporary Art Practice studies at the University of Highlands and Islands. Her ongoing series called “Beauty Warriors” is a collection of photographs featuring strange and unusual-looking beauty products. All the products from the series were bought on eBay, and most items were made in China. These products promise instant cures to almost all beauty problems; they fight “problem zones” and promise to cure problems without surgical intervention. Each item visually appeals to Evija and she tried to show the relationship between beauty product and model. The artist tries to remind us how often we forget about the importance of inner beauty and how rules about perfect look and perfection, in general, are ridiculous. Our society dictates a lot of mindless trends and creates absurd beauty standards but the important thing is that we don’t have to follow those and that is Laivina’s message. Follow this brave woman on her crusade on Instagram Page and for more information, art and prints for sale head over to her website.

Aesthetic surgery and virtual world’s obsession with perfection is playing a key part within Laivina’s research, feeding her work – photography, sculptures, and installations.

Facial Tattoo Measurement Tool


Nose Shaper

Relaxing Gel Beads Mask

Anti-Double Chin Bandage


Smile Trainer

Anti-Sagging Mask

Face Massage Tool

Face Slimmer


Anti Wrinkle Mask

Gold Face Mask

Nose Straightener

Silicone Mask


Abdominal Breathing Exerciser

Eyebrow Stencil

Face Mask

Via [evijalaivina]