Before and After Donating Hair to Cancer Patients

Cancer has brought a dark cloud over many families and some of them are in the pictures below. Some people are family members struggling and doing everything they can for their loved ones. There are also a lot of them that are not struck by this horrible disease and still do their best to donate and help.

Today we’re talking about hair donations more often for children but adults as well. To a young girl or a boy just loosing their hair completely, it takes away their happiness, confidence, and makes them feel like his a much lesser version of themselves, shy and unsocial. It’s horrific thought just to think about what that kid is going through. Yet hair donation that would make your style fresh, and bring a feeling of a new adventure can make somebody’s life a million times better. “A change is always shocking for everyone, but a few flicks and ruffles of their new shorter hair, every client so far has always had the biggest smile on their face. With the added bonus they are helping a great cause,” Hayley Pritchard, a hairdresser from the UK told Bored Panda in an interview. You can start looking for wig-making charities operating in your country. Some are restricted only to children which means they don’t accept grey or highlighted hair. Some are based on its length and condition as well. Search and help! Make somebody’s life happier.

“In recent years, people might have a big hair change but wouldn’t initially think about donating that hair. Now, with advertising and word of mouth, it’s much more popular,”




Today My Six Children And I Donated Over 17 Feet Of Hair To Children With Hair Loss

Phoebe Kannisto


Deeanna Thomas

You can search for wig-making cancer charities in your country and donate





Kids lose their confidence and become sad, and unsocial after their hair loss



“My Brother And Father Have Leukemia. I Donate My Hair And Blood Every Chance I Get. Please Donate As Well. Every Whole Blood Donation Can Save 3 Lives”





People donating in the US often choose Children With Hair Loss, Wigs for Kids
In UK the most popular choice is  Little Princess Trust.


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She’s so brave


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