Ben Robins’ Brilliant Digital Photo Manipulations Will Peel Your Face Off

Ben Robins was born in the UK and grew up loving the magic of stopping time and preserving precious moments by taking photographs. “I love the effect that photos can have on people. Couples can look happily back on their wedding day, musicians can feel like rockstars and everyday occasions can become movie scenes.” Today Robins lives in South Korea and he’s occupation spans from wedding, theatre and music photography to digital photo manipulations. “The greatest feeling in the world for me is when someone tells me they have a photo that I took on the wall in their house.” Artist works on USA, UK, Sweden and Korean soil doing his live events. “Every couple and every occasion is unique, and it would be my pleasure to be a part of your important day. I’m always looking for something to work on, so get in touch if you have any ideas for personal or publicity photo manipulation projects! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch; I look forward to meeting you!” Visit Robins’ official website, Instagram, and Facebook.


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One With the Nature


My Brain’s a Mush

Hmmm… Do I Look a Bit Like Chris Pratt?

My Elbow Feels Funny


Stop. Looking. At. Your. Gosh. Darn. Phone!

It’s Just About To Start Dripping


His Other Hand Must Be Just Sides of Matchsticks’ box

Good Day, Kind Sir.

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