Charming and Sweet 3D Embroidered Hair Designs

Ever since childhood, Bernita Broderie has enjoyed artistic processes that take time, patience, and dedication. Her 3D embroidery work is a testament to that, having now mastered the skill after starting out just over a year ago. The French crafter’s hand-stitched designs are made using various hair-colored yarns stitched into raw cotton fabric. Broderie renders the silhouettes of her female figures in simple embroidered line work while letting her subjects’ hair be the focal point of her designs. From elegant updos and flowing waves to ponytails and tightly-wound curls, there’s no hairstyle that Broderie can’t stitch. Many designs highlight decorative accessories – such as embroidered flowers – while others feature textile strands of different shades, mimicking natural locks. Visit Broderie’s Instagram Page to see more of her embroidered hair designs and in case you like some, you can order it and purchase on Etsy Store.


Bernita Broderie is helping to enhance wave of contemporary embroidery art with her brilliant use of cotton threads.

She uses the common fibers to render three-dimensional hairstyles that cascade from embroidery hoops in wonderfully unexpected ways.


Focus on detail has been a staple of her life.

“I deeply enjoy working with fabrics, needle and threads.”


“I can’t sleep at nights without creating something new.”

“My artworks are the output of hours of embroidery and patience.”


One-of-a-kind hand embroidered art.

via [mymodernmet]