The Best Dog Photographs of 2018

The Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year has announced on 16th of July, once again the best dog photos of the year. Embracing the same concept as National Geographic does each year with wildlife, here we have the man’s best friend in the spotlight alone. There are 10 categories and we’ve tried to cover top 3 photos for the most of them. For more, you’ll have to check out their official page of The Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year. As they’ve stated in their warm invite: “In the hearts and minds of people everywhere, dogs are true companions and make a real difference to our lives. Join the international community of photographers who share our passion for dogs.” Most categories are judged by the content of the photos, but there are 2 categories that can be entered only by photographers of a certain age. Young Pup Photographer is a category for 11-year-olds and younger photographers/dog lovers. Another unique category is ‘I love dogs because’, where you can enter if you’re at the age between 12-17. Now when you know everything, you can prepare for the next year and be a part of this beautiful annual contest.

‘Overall Winner’ and ‘Oldies’ category 1st place


‘Oldies’ 2nd place

‘Puppies’ 1st place

‘Puppies’ 2nd place


‘Puppies’ 3rd place

‘Puppies’ judges’ special mention

‘Man’s Best Friend’ 1st place

‘Man’s Best Friend’ 2nd place


‘Man’s Best Friend’ 3rd place

‘Dogs at Play’ 1st place

‘Dogs at Play’ 3rd place

‘Dogs at Play’ judges’ special mention


‘I Love Dogs Because’ 1st place – photographers aged 12-17 years

‘Dogs at Work’ 1st place

Assistance Dogs Charity Category 1st place

Rescue Dogs Charity Category 1st place


‘Portrait’ 1st place

‘Portrait’ 2nd place

‘Portrait’ 3rd place

‘Portrait’ judges’ special mention


‘Young Pup’ 1st place – photographers aged under 12 years

‘Young Pup’ 2nd place