Best of Heartwarming Old Photo Recreations

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For My Mom’s 60th Birthday, My Brothers, My Cousin And I Recreated A Photo From My First Day Of Kindergarten.

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My Grandma And Dad 1966 And 2020

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Faithful Little Desk Buddy

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34 Years Apart.

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1927 vs. 1992

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My Wife And I During A Dance In Sixth Grade And Then On Our Wedding Day


I Found An Old Pic Of Me Playing Computer Games. As It Turns Out I Haven’t Changed Very Much

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On The Left Was Mother In 1980. Now In 2014, Her Daughter.

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My Sister Got Married Over The Weekend, So We Recreated This Gem From Our Childhood

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Same Pride, Same Couple 25 Years Later

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15 Years Later

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It’s All I Wanted For My 60th Birthday

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My Parents Took Pictures Of Us Asleep In Weird Positions When We Were Kids. We Recreated The Photos As Adults, But Just Look Like A Bunch Of Drunks!

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My Son And I Planted Our Faces On A Copier, Then And Now

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