Quirky and Colorful, Endangered Birds in Enthralling Portraits by Tim Flach

We love Tim Flach’s work so much here on Curious Doodle! This is the third story we share about this great photographer, and here you can check out the previous two – “Never Seen Before Wildlife Portraits” and “Unusual Endangered Birds“. Flach is always searching for more knowledge, more personalities in animals, more habits, to finally take the most honest photograph. Today we are looking at his vivid portraits of some of the most endangered birds in the world. These birds all have incredibly distinctive attributes and their souls have been captured by the great London-based artist in the way that only he can do it. What is peculiar in the vision of Flach is his perception of human-like qualities in the animals he photographs. Comparing them to certain artists and general workers blurs the line between us and the animal kingdom. Make sure to follow Tim Flach and immerse yourself in the glorious world revealed through the power of his art.

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The gorgeous crest makes this cockatoo like no other, while his life span is similar to humans!

Photo credits: Tim Flach

For Flanch this is the Salvador Dali of the bird world. If Peruvian Inca tern’s mustache is longer it is healthier and more attractive to the ladies.

Long-tailed broadbill – “He reminds me of a fighter pilot – but a lot of you seem to think he looks like Elvis,” the artist shared on his Instagram.


Blue Throated Macaw

“The Toco Toucan’s bill is the largest relative to body size of any bird.”

Vulturine guineafowl. Check out Flach’s Instagram to learn more about these fascinating birds.

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