Alessandro Capozzi’s Black and White Fine Art Masterpieces

Alessandro Capozzi is the brilliant modern tattoo artist and owner of the Auero Roma studio. Capozzi besides tattooing also finds himself as a designer, traveller, and a photographer. Rome-based talent loves black and white fine art forms as they tend to enhance the dramatic feel in his work. He’s been influenced by “Dr woo, 1969tattoo, grindesign and big pages as blackworkers.” Capozzi is obviously a master class artist but the most noticeable skill is his ability to ink down literally anything he envisions. No matter what kinds of effects, shadowing, or blurring is required, Alessandro is completely fearless and will create a masterpiece no matter what. His one advice to new tattooers out there is “Be original and yourself, be noticeable and never copy.” He shared his thoughts on being appreciated by his fans in an interview he gave for Starngage: “I like to know that people support me and love what I love to do. It’s the best feeling ever.”

By Alessandro Capozzi

Meticulous shading

Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’

Rome-based artist is absolutely fearless to experiment with any task

Surrealistic mind

Absolutely beautiful water blur

Landscapes, animals, surrealism, flora, Greek sculptures… you name it Alessandro Capozzi does it all!