Fascinating Book Sculptures by Emma Taylor

Our young and incredibly talented sculptor had taken the last two years out to finish a History of Arts degree and try numerous other pursuits but eventually, she has realized that actually she’s very happy book sculpting and now she is back with scissors and glue in hands once more. Before this pause, Emma Taylor manages to produce a series titled “From Within a Book” which led to some incredible opportunities including exhibiting her book sculptures in Cambridge, London, and Hong Kong as well as appearing on ITV and being commissioned by the National Trust property Wimpole Hall. With her scissors, glue, and paper, and led by the title of the old books from charity and antique shops she is able to recreate plants, animals, architecture and literary scenes with all the details she loves on a manageable scale. Also, Emma sells her sculptures through the Etsy online shop and takes commissions, so if you are interested or just amazed and want to share some kind words with the sculptor, follow her on Twitter where you can see all the most recent works before they are available for purchase.

A garden scene emerging from “An Introduction to Botany”


Each scene is inspired by the book’s written content.


“The Blue or Mountain Hare”

Italian houses built out of “The Story of Venice”


Book sculpture is Emma’s creative outlet to highlight an appreciation of the little things in life. A good book, a beautiful tree, a flower in full bloom.

via [thisiscolossal]