World’s Greatest Braid Hairstyles by Trendafilka Kirova

Macedonia’s Trendafilka Kirova was living a quite ordinary life as an accountant with a master’s degree in economics. Recently 230+k followers on Instagram confirmed that her career has been officially changed. The world had fallen in love with her fantastical braid designs that look like they are straight from cartoons or top-shelf Hollywood fantasy movies. Her ‘braid story’ started during her pregnancy, simply watching tutorials by other hairstyle designers. Then it came the moment when she needed to be brave. To trust her gut and follow her dreams. Luckily, her husband made it all much easier by fully supporting her. It led her to the moment in 2019 when she won the ONESHOT Hair Awards and many other great memories and achievements. Today she couldn’t be happier with the choice she had made years ago. She had found happiness and calmness in her new job that she can barely explain. “It brings me joy and fulfillment to do my day-to-day responsibilities which improve my overall happiness. Nothing is difficult when you love what you do. You can only become truly accomplished at something you love.” Kirova extended her work by owning a studio where she can work with models and mannequins. She also shares her knowledge with everyone who visits her YouTube channel, through her very helpful tutorials. For more information please visit her YouTube channel and Instagram.

“Artistic expression is what colors the world.” – Trendafilka Kirova

Photo credits: Another Braid

Kirova was an accountant who started watching braid tutorials on YouTube during her pregnancy…


A few years later, she’s a self-taught hairstyle designer with studio and models coming in to work with her.

Epic fantasy time.


She won the 2019’s ONESHOT Hair Awards

You can learn these techniques by watching tutorials on Kirova’s YouTube channel.


She has more than 230k followers on Instagram.

Together with her fans, she comes up with names for her designs.


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