Breakdancing Cat Chaco from Japan – From a Rescue Cat to Stardom

3-year-old Chaco from Japan is a second dancing cat on Curious Doodle ever. First one was, of course, Shakira the cat. Chaco has an entire Instagram account made only for his dancing moves. Elastic feline soars through the air as he wins the hearts of his Instagram followers. He seems to be amazing at breakdancing and long air-move. Ballet is also one of his talents. Known as Ninja Cat, he has a sister who’s also a talented dancer. Chaco was spotted by his owner in the cat cafe in Ageo City. “Animal Aid” cat cafe is a place where rescue cats seek their forever home, and Chaco found it while also becoming an Instagram superstar! Check out another dancing cat named Shakira for more dancing felines.

Chaco is a breakdancing master

He’s gloriously agile

Though, he’s sister Suzuka thinks she’s much better at dancing than him

He disagrees

Chaco as an orchestra conductor

He was a rescue cat and now he’s slowly becoming a super star on Instagram

He sings so passionately

Loves dancing ‘Thriller’

Jazz hands

via [boredpanda]