Illuminating Painting Series “Brushstrokes in Time” by David Ambarzumjan

David Ambarzumjan is a special artist whose paintings instantly tell unique and powerful stories that stay with you for a longer period of time. It is no wonder he had already gained over 430k followers on Instagram. All of them would love to have one of his original paintings adorning their homes and the best way to obtain one is to subscribe to his website mailing list and get alerts for the new releases. Why is David’s art so special? The ongoing series “Brushstrokes in Time” intertwines stories of present past and the future in one perfectly composed masterpiece divided by a brushstroke from another era. Landscapes and cityscapes revealing the truth. Nature and humanity all together shaping the Earth that we know today in both good and bad ways. Munich, Germany – based artist has his art sold to private collections, as well as on display for various international exhibitions.

More info: Instagram, Official website, Reddit.

“Zebra Crossing”

Photo credits: David Ambarzumjan



“Human Nature”



“Running Out Of Time”




“Hazy Notion”



“Sharks In Montmartre”

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