Burning Man 2018 – Photographer’s Final Visit and His Intergalactic Wedding Day

This is not just another burning man, this is the last burning man and the wedding day for two amazing artists. This is an extremely special story for a photographer Gilles Bonugli Kali, who names his final burning man photo series “Exodus”. Gilles came up with the idea to capture the magic of the Burning Man 2018, as a farewell and giving honor to everything this event means to them. The artist shares an epic story behind this photos: “Exodus, because we are permanently leaving the U.S, and won’t be back for many years, at least 10. Yoshi’s immigration status as a Dreamer/DACA prevents her from traveling outside America while maintaining her residency here, and as a French citizen, I am not allowed to stay for more than 3 months at a time. Also, we will find all the Burner events around the world to reunite with our tribe, we just won’t be able to return to the Mothership one which sparked our creative journey. New adventures will begin for us and I am happy that we realized our dream of having our wedding at Burning Man.”
Click here to see the ‘intergalactic’ wedding these two amazing artists have had.

“In Every Lifetime I Will Find You” Metallic Sculpture By Michael Benisty


‘Mayan Warrior And Sonic Runway’

‘Boeing 747 Artcar By Big Imagination’

‘Icarus Artcar’


‘Radialumia By The Foldhaus Collective’

Red Hot Beverly – The Fire “Extinguisher”


‘Ha Ha… By Laura Kimpton’


‘Bloom By Peter Hazel’

‘Galaxia By Arthur Mamou-Mani & Temple Crew’

‘The Desert Guard By Ming Lu And The Beijing Burner Club’


‘Color Wheels By Compagnie Off’


Source: Bored Panda