Intergalactic Wedding of 2 Artists at the Surreal Burning Man Event

An intergalactic wedding has happened, in a bittersweet atmosphere as the couple of two amazing artists a photographer Gilles Bonugli Kali and his lovely lady Yoshi Churnac who’s a fashion designer and an owner of ‘Fringe and Epaulette’ entered the holy matrimony. “The 2018 Burning Man theme was I, Robot and our wedding outfits were designed to fit this futuristic theme,” Yoshi explained. “We first met at a Burner party in NYC back in 2015, and I fell in love with Gilles’ Burning Man photography which captured the immense beauty of Black Rock City.” As for the process of creating wedding outfits, Yoshi shared detailed insights. “Gilles’ came up with intricate vector designs to be laser cut on cream suede and cream satin for our wedding outfits. I assembled the pattern pieces and layered them on top of fiber optic fabric to create a futuristic look that blended light with shadows. Multimedia artist Kirill Shevyakov then hooked up the fabric to lighting and connected the power source. We were married after a massive dust storm before the mesmerizing color-changing RadiaLumia sculpture created by the FoldHaus art collective. The software engineers even coordinated the LEDs on the installation to turn on when Gilles and I exchanged rings and activated the fiber optic lighting in our wedding outfits” Next year is the start year for their bridal collection, a mix of elegance and cutting edge technology. Follow this link to see our post that covers Gilles photography of their last Burning Man, the collection named ‘Exodus’.

All outfits are designed by bride herself – Yoshi Churnac

Happy couple of two amazing artists

Laser Cut Wedding Dress Bodice

Design for 3D Printed Wedding Rings

Dress wasn’t ready at time so Yoshi had to finish it while on driving to the Burning Man

Bridesmaids had to finish sewing their outfits the day of the ceremony

Cake for 50 people, Black Rock City Bakery

Intergalactic bridesmaids

Masks by Dan Schaub Designs