Marla “Buscemi” Cat – Lived At The Shelter Since Birth, 2 Years Later Gets Adopted

Marla “Buscemi” Cat is a quite hypnotizing creature. Is she a part Steve Buscemi a part Clint Eastwood and a part Willem Dafoe?! Steve Buscemi has been playing a God in his recent ‘Miracle Workers’ and ancient Egyptians have looked at cats as godly beasts. Marla was dumped at her birth and her entire life she had spent at the animal shelter. Jen Chavez the savior of those in need, a woman who already had a full house with her husband, 3 boys, and 3 rescue cats sought out for one more soul and found Marla in a local no-kill shelter. “The shelter employees let me know there was a meme floating around that compared her to Steve Buscemi and I thought it was hilarious,” her owner shares. It has past 3 years since then, and now Marla is a big 5-year-old girl living loved with her big family. “Marla’s funny, very sweet and playful with the other kitties. She LOVES to eat and enjoys it when my husband sings to her.”
Jen Chavez encourages everyone to adopt animals who have been there the longest no matter how they look. “They just might change your life,” Chavez speaks from experience.

Image credits: stevebuscemicat

She has many looks but one name – Marla ‘Buscemi’ Cat

She spent her first 2 years at the animal shelter

Employees had their meme going around how Marla looked exactly like Steve Buscemi

And Jen Chavez, her owner found that hilarious.

Now Marla’s 5-year-old and happy with her big loving family

Jen encourages everyone to save animals that are in shelters the longest, no matter how they look.

“They just might change your life,” says the owner, Jen Chavez.

Image credits: stevebuscemicat