Colossus Butterfly Murals by Mantra

Hyper-realistic and in a giant form, butterflies are adorning commercial and residential buildings of many countries. The work is by the hand of French street artist Mantra. Based in Metz, the artist has come a long way bringing his huge butterflies in ‘specimen boxes’ to adorn more than just European cities. You can see his trademark murals in Spain, France, Austria, Colombia and more. Mantra fascinatingly transforms boring facades into his colossus butterfly murals that are scary by size, yet beautiful by sight. It’s quite striking feeling when you walk past one of Mantra’s creations. Filled with awe, you are left wishing there is more art like this in the world. Until there is, visit Mantra’s Instagram page to see what he’s planning next and where! It just might be around your corner.

by French street artist Mantra

His murals can be seen in Spain, France, Austria, Colombia…

Mantra transforms boring facades into beautiful colossus butterflies

Don’t worry they’re in their specimen boxes. We’re safe.

A bit scary how hyper-realistic it feels

Amazing 3D illusion

via [designyoutrust]