Cacti Leather – Eco-Friendly Material – Perfect Replacement for Animal Leather

The invention, innovation, green production, Earth’s regeneration, this is the new way of creating vegan leather! Two entrepreneurs from México—Adrián López Velarde (who worked with leather in the auto industry) and Marte Cázarez (who worked with leather in the fashion industry) joined forces to create something that will change the world. They’ve developed the process of transforming cacti into vegan leather! The final product feels and looks identical to the animal products we’ve got so used to. Their goal is to create everything, from clothes, footwear, to car seats and everything that is now standardized as a product made out of real leather. Inspired by the environmental pollution problems our Earth faces for so long, the two friends quit their jobs to create something extraordinary. After two years of hard work, their cactus leather hit the markets in July 2019. They’ve chosen cactus as a plant that needs very little water to grow and is resilient to almost any weather. And the most important thing is that México has an abundance of cacti. The result is the so-called “Desserto” – an organic material made out of leaves of Nopal Cactus.

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Say “Hi and thank you” to 2 legends from México

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Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez spent 2 years perfecting the formula

Since 2019 they’ve been replacing animal leather products with cacti leather

“Desserto” looks and feels exactly like the real leather


The process doesn’t harm cacti, it only cuts their mature leaves, leaving small ones to grow

This project was 2 friends doing something about environmental pollution

“Desserto” also comes in many different colors!

Protecting the Earth, the duo has proven that the cacti way is the future for all leather-based products.

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