Cakes as Edible Artworks by Yulia Kedyarova

Whatever do, do it in style! No matter what your profession is, magic happens when you add a touch of creativity to what you do. Russian baker Yulia Kedyarova is one of those that turns her work into a kind of art and impresses her 15k followers on Instagram with her handcrafted cake photos everyday. She designs cakes as flower gardens, galaxies and chocolate dream which looks like sculptures rather than cakes. She says “I treat each of my products with trepidation and love, I try to do every detail neatly and interestingly; therefore, an individual approach is applied to each person. I undertake only those products that I like most, in which the soul lies. In general, I am looking for new ideas, suggestions and interesting projects.” She pours her skills and imagination generously into her cakes and the result is always amazing! Check out some of her artwork here and follow her on Instagram for more.