Cardboard Monuments, Bridges, and Other Floating Wonders Built by People United by One Artist

Olivier Grossetête welcomes everybody to join in the fun. Artist has been using cardboard for 10 years as a cheap, flexible material, easy to manipulate, meaning fast installation but even faster destruction of it. “Despite its appearance, it has quite extraordinary capacities and is very light. It doesn’t scare anyone, and it allows me to open my practice to the greatest number of people,” Olivier shared. Oliver even organized a celebration of the 8th Bien Urbain edition and the 10 years of the Vauban fortifications inscription at the UNESCO World Heritage, as the participative monumental construction party where the city’s population came together to build together. A collective performance where the public was asked to “assemble empty cardboard boxes to build a monument with neither a crane nor a machine, only with human energy and muscle power.” As the structure grew the more people were needed to lift it. The goal was to unite people and together share the experience of collective construction. “This is a federating project which touches both young and old and enables people to meet and build joyfully together.” Oliver’s work is often temporarily seen floating above cities, just before it’s allowed for the local residents to take them down and literally stomp on them as a part of the project’s symbolic fun process. More of his work was on display July 31 – August 1 at 23 Milhas in Ílhavo, Portugal.
More info: Olivier Grossetête (official website)

Amboise, France Cultural Season of Amboise; photo credits: Olivier Grossetête

With the help of the locals, artist Olivier Grossetête built these cardboard structures

After people meet and build joyfully together the monument rises above the city!

“Monkey Bridge,” Japanese Garden of Tattonpark Biennale

For a day it hovers in the sky and then the final fun part comes. Locals destroy it by stomping on it and tearing it down in pieces.

Pont Landerneau, France (2016)

With such process, the cardboard architecture gets a feel of “utopian building(s), temporary and useless.”

Architecture en Fête, Villeneuve lez Avignon, France (2015)
Mantuano/French Embassy in Rome
Festival de l’Oh, Champigny, France (2015), via [thisiscolossal]