Elite Cardboard Sculptor, Greg Olijnyk’s Dystopian Sci-fi Masterpieces

Sometimes the most fascinating people are overlooked especially when it comes to recognition via Instagram. Cardboard maestro, Greg Olijnyk uses glue, toothpicks, scalpel blades, coffee, and whisky to bring dystopian sci-fi worlds to life. Artist, based in Melbourne, Australia, Greg enhances his mind-blowing structures with extra LED lights and glass when needed. He showcases the possibilities of adding incredible detail and precision and finesse while using cardboard as a material. He shows us cyberpunk in cardboards and its eerie beauty. His collection of work seems like it’s all a part of some vast universe. A series that lasts for decades and it all just needs to be put together into an epic storyline at the world’s end. Just set the movie in motion. Looking at Greg’s collection it feels it’s just behind the corner. We hope his artistic visions will someday transpose to some platform of storytelling and visualization that will catch the eyes of the masses worldwide just like he deserves to.

More info: Instagram.

Photo credits: Greg Olijnyk, Photographer: Griffin Simm

Artist, Greg Olijnyk needs just cardboard, glue, toothpicks, scalpel blades, coffee, and whisky to bring dystopia upon our world.

And it is beautiful!


Childhood toy replica

Going complex with architecture using cardboard Mr. Olijnyk’s way.

Fascinating detail and a brilliant model.



Greg uses LED lights and glass to enchace his designs when needed.

Let’s fly on the wings of brilliant Olijnyk’s artistic vision.


I could wait for a movie to come, inspired by the work of Greg Olijnyk! Hope one day it’ll come.

David vs Goliath – cyberpunk