‘Cartoon Fossils’ Series by Filip Hodas

Let’s make your favorite cartoon characters dead and gone. Done, by Prague-based 3D artist Filip Hodas in his Cartoon Fossils series. Hyper-realistic fossilized skulls of Spongebob, Scrooge McDuck, and the others can be easily imagined seen in history museums. “Initially, I wanted to make them stylized as dinosaur fossils set up in a museum environment, but later decided against it, as the skulls didn’t look very recognizable on their own—especially with parts broken or missing,” the artist said. “That’s why I opted for a less damaged look and also added some assets to each of the characters.” Creating these hilariously dreadful skeleton heads of our poor heroes involved using various programs such are: Cinema 4D, Zbrush, 3D Coat, Substance Painter, and Substance Designer.

More info: Instagram, Behance.

Spongia Bobæ – USA, 1999

All photo credits: Filip Hodas

Anas Scroogius – USA, 1947

Canis Goofus – USA, 1932

Mus Minnius – USA, 1928


Homo Popoculis – USA, 1929

Canaria Tweetea – USA, 1941

Via [thisiscolossal]