Cartoony National Geographic Digital Drawings

JN Crazy is the name behind these crazy adorable reanimated photographs of National Geographic. A Shanghai-based artist with a creative mind, JN Crazy puts his focus on illustrations, game designs, and paintings. Often we are left in complete awe and new found admiration for invincible and magnificent nature after we see a new National Geographic photograph. Today we are falling deeper into the ‘inception’ of beauty with the help of fascinating vision and creativity JN Crazy beholds within. “I love National Geographic’s photos, those amazing photos inspired me to create these drawing exercises,” the illustrator speaks about his project. To make things even more interesting he shows us his creative process for each photo in 5 phases of development. If you like what you see make sure to follow JN Crazy on Behance where you can see more of his fantastic work and send your appreciations.

Digital Drawings by JN Crazy


Creative process – 5 Phases of development

Shanghai-based artist loves National Geographic photographs


“Those amazing photos inspired me to create these drawing exercises.”

NEMO! [Easter Egg]


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