Cat Ladders – Homemade Exterior Found in Bern, Switzerland

Brigitte Schuster is a Switzerland-based graphic designer and writer whose forthcoming book titled “Swiss Cat Ladders,” talk about unique additions to any types of homes’ exterior. Focused on examples from the city of Bern, Switzerland, as well as photos included below show you various cat ladders. These additions are allowing cats to walk, rest, climb completely freely. They could have their safe escape route if chased, and they could easily get back to their high-level apartments. Just open your window and your cat could come to your bedroom in the middle of the night yet no burglar can follow unless its a raccoon. Brigitte’s photo-forward book is also both in English and German. It includes an analysis of what ladders mean in different cultures. You can preorder the book on the official website of Brigitte Schuster.

Photo-forward book by Brigitte Schuster


“Swiss Cat Ladders” – Location: Bern, Switzerland

No matter how high your apartment is, your cat could come back at any time on her own


Book is in both English and German

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