Solo Traveler Cycles Across the World With a Stray Kitten on His Shoulder

“1 bike, 1 kitten and a whole world to explore!!” Instagram page of the most trending traveling duo of today says it all. In September of 2018, Dean Nicholson, a 31-year-old Scottish traveler from the city of Dunbar, tired of his regular job simply decided it was time for a change. Goal – cycle across the globe alone. 3 months and 9 countries later, Nicholson found himself at the Bosnia-Montenegro border where his life changed forever. A hungry cry for help by adorable tiny kitten made him stop his journey at

Travel Sketches by Nadine Kasianova

Russian artist Nadezhda Kasyanova graduated from Stroganov Academy, Moscow with a degree in environmental design in 2012. Now she works as an interior designer. She is very fond of travelling and have been to several countries so far. During her trips, she keeps a sketch-journal of the places she has visited and draws beautiful architectural illustrations. She also enjoys exploring the

Mesmerizing Flower Crowns Presented by Our Beloved Pets

This is a story about one creative human and her beautiful, inspiring pet – Australian shepherd Freya. Freya was just a pup when Yarely for the first time decided to create a floral crown for her and take some cute photos for Instagram. Can you imagine? What started as a simple prop for a picture soon turned into a brand as Yarely received such positive feedback and she came up with the idea to start making crowns for other dogs to spread the love. So, our crafty Californian college professor is now a

Colorful Giant Squirrels from India – How Did We Not Know About These Fluffies?

Meet the magnificent multi-colored giant Malabar squirrels! How didn’t we know about them sooner?! They are called giant because of their length of 3 feet even though it’s mostly in their enormous fluffy rainbow tail. They’re also known as Shekru and they come from India. Even though they’re giant and colorful, they are very hard to find. Their shades of black, orange, brown, purple and maroon are a perfect blending combination with the forest’s canopy. They leap from high trees to higher trees searching for

Red Squirrels Visit this Award Winning Photographer Every Day = Magical Photo Series

Award-winning Dutch/Swedish photographer, Geert Weggen has devoted his career as being an animal photographer. His career started accidentally by a peculiar red fox visit to his balcony. Weggen kept on leaving food for the fox and the fox kept on coming back for more. Soon his balcony becomes an outdoor studio filled with nature props, cameras, mirrors and more. “By the end of a second week, the fox