Miniature Cat Furniture From Japan by Okawa Kagu

IKEA first started pet furniture trend, but now competition from Japan caught up quickly with high-quality miniature furniture collection for cats. Okawa Kagu is a company behind these incredible little house fittings that will satisfy your lazy cats and your Feng Shui. Purpose of this project is to promote Fukuoka, Japanese area where professionals specialize in traditional crafts such as

Man Sold Everything and Quit His Job for 2,5 Years Long Journey with His Cat

Even though Willow is just a rescue cat, she’s traveled more than 50,000kms around Australia in a campervan with her owner Rich. The man decided it was time, and he quit his job, sold all of his possessions and took a trip of a lifetime. He could have left everything behind but one thing, his dear cat Willow. Together they’ve visited all 6 states and 2 territories of Australia. They’ve been traveling since they left their hometown of Hobart, Tasmania back in May 2015. “We’ve achieved so much together and seen

Meet Meepo – Fluffy Cat Who Loves Taking Showers

“Meow my name is Meepo. I’m lazy British longhair boy and I looove taking baths,” It’s what it says on his popular Instagram page loved by more than 29k of followers. Meepo was adopted when he was 2 months old. Owners took over the mission to keep his glorious long coat of fur clean and fluffy. The question was how will they


Tiny Hedgehog Goes Camping – Will Have You Smiling All Day

Azuki is the name of this adorable brave hedgehog from Japan. Before he decided to go on big adventures like these he was famous for loving his warm baths, eating apples, and his cute smile whenever he’s happy. Now no more warm baths and cozy hugs for Azuki. It’s time for camping! He has his

Meet Luhu, Cat with Saddest Eyes in the World

There are many sad examples such are Toby Flenderson of “The Office”, Stuart Bloom from “The Big Bang Theory”, and of course yourself. Yeah, you, the reader. So sad. I could write this entire story just about you but nobody wants to read that. Just like everything I write for this site. Everyone