Charming and Sweet 3D Embroidered Hair Designs

Ever since childhood, Bernita Broderie has enjoyed artistic processes that take time, patience, and dedication. Her 3D embroidery work is a testament to that, having now mastered the skill after starting out just over a year ago. The French crafter’s hand-stitched designs are made


26 Delightful Spring Table Decoration Ideas

Spring is the most festive time of the year that covers many celebrations like Easter and Mother’s Day. That means there will be several family gatherings, tea times, dinners, etc. As this is the case, you’ll need to get ready and start decorating your home to welcome this new

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Santa won’t come to your home if you don’t have an awesome Christmas tree. No biggie, all you need is a pair of hand saws, or simply a ladder. The ladder seems to be super trendy this year instead of …

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15 Epic Halloween House/Yard Decorations

Welcome to the spookiest place on Earth, your neighborhood! These are the most epic Halloween yard house decorations you’ll ever see. You may be too lazy to prepare in time for each Halloween but these people are purest enthusiasts, dedicated in their passion. Creating entire fake