Entire Bookstore is an Optical Illusion and Dream Come True for All Book Lovers

Where to start? A library and a bookstore in Yangzhou, China is a dream come true for every fantasy book lover in the world at least. It’s basically a tunnel with arched shelves on the sides, the black mirrored floors (the key to this optical illusion), and so-called ‘river’ – a gap in the shape of the lightning bolt. A river dramatically creates a space between top shelves and due to mirrored

Unbelievable Underwater Restaurant Opened Now in Norway

“Under” – world’s largest underwater restaurant with capacity for 100 guests! The first ever to be created in Europe. It bathes half above and a half under resting on the seabed of Lindesnes, Norway. It’s not just a restaurant, but a marine research facility. Interdisciplinary research teams will be studying marine biology and fish behavior using cameras and other equipment installed on and


Amazing Spaceships Inspired by Household Objects

Eric Geusz is an artist, game developer, and programmer whose passion for drawing and designing stretches all the way to his early childhood. “I have been drawing and making spaceships out of Legos since I saw Star Wars in 1997,” Eric shares. He’s armed with a degree in Computer Science with a minor in film and digital media, and also formal training in 3D, animation and compositing. His tools are

Giant Robotic Minotaur 46-Foot-Tall and Spider Perform Operatic Myth in France

Elon Musk warned us and we didn’t listen! Giant robotic beasts are now roaming our streets and recreating epic stories and myths. La Machine is the company behind these frightening creations and they’ve just premiered their latest project to the people of Toulouse, France. French company released a nearly 50-foot-tall Minotaur machine, half electric and half combustion, that moves by

30 Outstanding Kitchens with Dark Cabinets

Whether you are renovating your kitchen or building a brand new one, the most important decor aspect to consider is, undoubtedly, the kitchen cabinets. As they take up the majority wall space within the room, cabinets define the mood and the character of your kitchen. Although, most of the homeowners tend to go for lighter colors to keep their kitchens bright and airy, you can opt for dark colors for


Golden Bridge in the Vietnamese Sky Held up by Two Giant Hands

What appears to be two giant hands made of stone actually turn out to be deceiving steel and fiberglass. Vietnam is currently living the tourism boom and a $2 billion investment resulted as ‘Golden Bridge’ in the clouds of Da Nang. Visitors are free to walk through the heavens in