Russian Architect Merges Nature and Architecture Designing Modern House Idyll

How many times you were that much stressed out to yell how you want to run away in the middle of nowhere and live alone? Everyday struggles sometimes take the best of us but just stop for a moment and think about some beautiful place, far from the city rush, untouched nature, peace and quiet. Hold that thought cause we’re going to show you how this Russian architect made your dreams come true. Alexander Nerovnya


Inspiring Story About Artist Whose Life Became a Living Dream Thanks to Bored Panda

Maybe some of you remember Aniko Kolesnikova, the Latvian designer-artist, working under the name Mandarin Duck, specializes in creating dragon-, animal-, bird-, fantasy-, and nature-inspired polymer journals. We first found out about her in an article Bored Panda published in May 2015. Well, believe it or not, this article changed her life and make her dreams come true. In only one day Aniko gained thousands and thousands of new likes, e-mails, questions, requests, interviews, reposts on other viral websites

Entire Bookstore is an Optical Illusion and Dream Come True for All Book Lovers

Where to start? A library and a bookstore in Yangzhou, China is a dream come true for every fantasy book lover in the world at least. It’s basically a tunnel with arched shelves on the sides, the black mirrored floors (the key to this optical illusion), and so-called ‘river’ – a gap in the shape of the lightning bolt. A river dramatically creates a space between top shelves and due to mirrored


Unbelievable Underwater Restaurant Opened Now in Norway

“Under” – world’s largest underwater restaurant with capacity for 100 guests! The first ever to be created in Europe. It bathes half above and a half under resting on the seabed of Lindesnes, Norway. It’s not just a restaurant, but a marine research facility. Interdisciplinary research teams will be studying marine biology and fish behavior using cameras and other equipment installed on and