“Melanin Goddess” Teach Us How to Love Ourselves and Appreciate the Differences

Khoudia Diop is a 22-year-old Senegalese fashion model who’s taken the internet by storm with her beautifully rich skin tone. But not that long ago this precious girl was bullied because of her dark skin color. Growing up as a different kid wasn’t easy, she was teased a lot by other kids and also racist comments weren’t rare, but she got over it, she faced it by confronting the bullies. Since

Dreamy and Pastel or Vibrant and Lively – 30 Wonderful Mermaid Hairstyles

A new season has come and all of us long for a significant change. Spring is here, you want to rock some new look – let’s start with the hair. You already know about Mermaid’s hair, it got quite popular in the past few years and evolved in so many fabulous colors, styles, and shapes. Gorgeous colors, so cool and eye-catching, it’s the main reason why they are so popular and why you’ll fall in love with them too. Vibrant or pastel, all you need to do is pick contrasting shades and you will steal the


Astounding Lip Art by Vlada Haggerty

Artists’ search for trying different kinds of surface to make their art can often result in an extraordinary way. Los Angeles based artist Vlada Haggerty is one of those who reflects her skills for art exceptionally. She started her career as a makeup artist in Kiev Ukraine and then

27 The Most Creative Ideas For Crazy Hair Day

Crazy hair day at school is one of the most favourite times of the year for the kids. It gives the opportunity to unleash you and your kids’ imagery and design an unexpected look to express their wild side. Never get stressed about how to help them style their hair as there are loads of


27 The Most Fashionable Fall Street Style Outfit Ideas

Get ready for really cold days and chilling nights, as it’s the last month of official fall. We still have time to try some more fall outfits before winter comes. Break out the earthy colors, animal prints and booties in your own style to look your best and stay comfortable at the same

20+ Halloween Couples You Might Want to Copy This Year

Happy Halloween week couples if you haven’t decided what to wear through the nights to come, you’re at the right place. Wednesday is the Halloween day which means you are probably going to spooky parties the weekend before so you got little time to prepare, but don’t worry, we got you. No need


25 Gorgeous Plus Size Wedding Dresses We Love

We sincerely believe that, there is a perfect looking wedding dress for everyone, no matter what your figure is. The most important point is being aware of your body type and accordingly making the right choice. If you are happy with your plump body and wanna flaunt with your curves on