Beautiful Women in Flowy Dresses Photographed All-Around the Globe

From Red Square to red Rub Al-Khali desert, Kristina Makeeva travels the world to photograph girls in flowy dresses matching the magnificent scenery behind them. As the battle of the beauty rages on in a giddily embrace, the time seems to stop when Kodak moment is perfect. Flying dresses, lights, flowers and architecture are all interwoven with a rhythm of passion. When asked about her motives, Makeeva said: “The most

Dramatic Female Portraits by Alessio Albi

What makes Alessio Albi unique is his non-existing preparation for his photo-shoots. Dramatic, haunting, yet utterly gorgeous portraits taken by Italia’s raw photography talent Alessio Albi seem to grow in magic when you hear about his approach. Everything is done by instincts. Almost every time Albi lets himself go, carried by the moment and environment from which he draws inspiration. Playing with shapes, colors, light, and

Mom Gives Birth at Home and Her Pet Corgi Never Leaves Her Side

Kristin Waner is a birth photographer who has documented something truly special and she shared it with the whole world. The main protagonist in this story is a dog, Corgi named Ranger who helped to deliver a human baby. Brooke, the doula who helps other moms giving birth was on that day the pregnant lady herself. She had her husband and her own doula by her side and of course sweet Ranger the dog. Photographer speaks about entering