Young Madonna’s Rare Photos Before She Was Famous

We all wonder how did the most famous celebrities got to where they are now. We wonder how they looked when they were younger; before they were global icons that they’re now. Madonna pushed all the boundaries in pop music in lyrical and visual form. She’s one and only ‘Queen of Pop’ and there’s no person alive who doesn’t know who she is. But she was just a regular person like everyone else in search of

Magical Amsterdam Under Heavy Snowfall

Cities under the heavy snow always look magical as places only seen in fairy tales. Gabriel Guita is a passionate photographer, web designer and web developer from Amsterdam and he had a dream to capture his home city in the most glorious winter fashion. In his Amsterdam series, you can see the most famous trademark places from the first snowflake until the very last heavy fall. Gabriel

Family Fantasy Photo Manipulations by John Wilhelm

Meet the greatest dad/modern photographer of today. Coming from Winterthur, Switzerland, John Wilhelm was born in 1970 in a family where photography was the main hobby and passion. As a young kid, he watched his dad become the founder of more than two local photography associations, and capture fantastic moments on funny weddings and other unique life situations. Watching his dad develop films


Magical Engagement Photo-Shoot in Frozen Wonderland at Bald River Falls

Happy couple Josh Morris and lovely Morgan Daye from Tennessee first planned their engagement photo-shoot to be in front of Bald River Falls, an absolutely beautiful place but they didn’t exactly plan it this way. As their photographer, Kellie Elmore explains: “Josh and Morgan wanted to shoot in the mountains and around the falls from the beginning. It’s a beautiful area and reflects what brought them together; their

Breathtaking Winter Magic Upon Japan

22-year-old photographer ‘Naagoshi’ has captured Japan in its full beauty under its magical winter look. Heavy snow has fallen over the grounds of Ginzan Onsen – a beautiful hot spring. It’s an emergence of geothermally heated groundwater that rises from the Earth’s crust. Snow and ice illuminated with romantic city lanterns altogether creating a perfect ambient for the already breathtaking