Impressive 1 Street Photographs to Capture Essence of Different Cities

Only 1 street, only one photograph is all that Manu Grinspan will use in his new project to capture the essence of entire cities. Small towns and stunning metropolises all summed by one small DNA in a form of a perfect street. Grinspan chooses the one street that attracts him the most, the one with the most dramatic/cinematic story, “the one where its visitors are in perfect harmony with its lights and shadows”. Check out


World’s Best Wedding Photos of 2017

Hello everyone, Junebug Weddings’ 10th annual Best of the Best Wedding Photo Contest for 2017 is finished and it has obtained the most outstanding wedding photos all around the globe. Photographers have submitted almost 9000 of magical Kodak moments showcasing the pure emotions of love between the bride and the groom and as well as between their families. 2017 has passed, but it left us with many


Strong Female Characters in Flowy Dresses from Fairytale Land

The merge of fine art photography and fantasy defines the beautiful talent Bella Kotak has. She’s a fine art photographer based in Oxford, UK. Her inspiration is in nature, fairytales, and strong female characters. She uses the most alluring nature’s colors in flowers and puts an amazing effort

Toronto at Night – Collection of Cinematic Moments Captured on Streets of Toronto by Bora

Bora is a Toronto based urban Photographer and storyteller and the creator of mystic ‘Toronto at Night- collection of cinematic moments captured on the streets of Toronto.  With over 15 years of experience in creative and design industries and his vast photographic talents he’s been able to capture his home city in such powerful