White Ink Tats that Look Like Magic Itself

UV light side is the force that will scare the dark when you’re nightclubbing with your white ink tattoo making it glow! Yes, Luke, the white ink will glow under the UV light making it the most powerful tattoo style ever. Under the regular light, the white tattoos may even be invisible after some time. Washed up, they could look just like old scars. It’s extremely important to think really

Flawless Geometric Tattoos by Okan Uçkun

Beware of the Okan Uçkun as he tends to take over the modern and contemporary tattoo world with his flawless minimal geometric s and shapes. Even though his art is called minimal it actually isn’t as it can be seen …


Mind-Blowing 3D Tattoo Art by Jesse Rix

Prepare to be mindblown by these masterpieces inked down by the hands of Jesse Rix. Super talented and highly skilled, tattooer based in Keene, New Hampshire is a top demand these days as his unique work flows faster and faster …

15+ Cutest Cat Tattoo Ideas

Some of the best cat tattoo ideas just dropped in. Cat eyes might be the most beautiful sight you could ever see and inking it down in a magically colorful style is the way to go. Choose by your likings: watercolor, black ink, fine line, small and subtle or medium and striking! A little piece of kitty ink is always lovely. You could even pay a beautiful tribute to your beloved cat that you’ve lost to


25 Simply Amazing Cactus Tattoo Examples

When it comes to tattoos, the options are unlimited. From tribal designs to florals, quotes to tiny symbols, you can choose and customize one or more to reflect your personal style. Cactus is one of the best choices althought it is not very common in tattoo world. Besides its huge variety of

Great Full Sleeve and Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

After you get your first tattoo you might just feel the hunger for more, much more! You’ve already realized the pain is not an obstacle for transforming your skin into a canvas, and you have big ideas for your next trademark art, well that just means that a full sleeve is coming your

Floral Black Ink Expert – Mary Tereshchenko

If you’re loing for a truly beautiful ornamental flower to adorn your skin lo no further, talented Ukrainian lady is here to save a day! Mary Tereshchenko is a 27-year-old tattooer from Kiev and she’s an expert for floral ink …