Cat’s Haunted Mansion from Target is a Real Treat This Halloween

“Frightful and delightful, the Deluxe Haunted Mansion from Boots & Barkley™ is where your pet will be wanting to spend all her time.” You can buy this great double-decker cat mansion at Target for $16.99. Two stories with floors made of scratchers for cats are perfect for them to sleep, rest, play, and get their nails done. Assemble of this spooky cat home is very fast and done in a few easy steps. This haunted hill house weighs 3.34 pounds (1.5 kg) and it can handle a cat of 17lbs (7.7 kg) with no worries. It’s a great gift for your best friends that are crazy about the scariest holiday of the year. Luckily very often they are the same ones that have a house full of cats. So here’s the link to buy the Deluxe Haunted Mansion and make some witches happyyy.



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You can get this haunted mansion for cats at Target for $16.99

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This haunted hill house weighs 3.34 pounds (1.5 kg)

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It can handle a cat of 17lbs (7.7 kg) on top


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Floors are made from cat scratchers

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It’s a perfect gift for your favorite witch!


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If your cat didn’t plan to murder you before, now it will!

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