Cats That Take ‘If I Fits I Sits’ Challenge Seriously

There are plenty of videos of how you can trap your cat very easily. Some people just tape a circle on the floor and the cat just needs to place its fluffy butt inside that circle. Cats also can’t resist boxes, those are everlasting sources of fun – the best hiding spot there is. But the phrase: ‘if I fits, I sits,’ seems to be taken a bit too far by this silly felines. Some of them magically enter bowl from which they could never break out, and it’s hilarious to us. To them not that much, but they would do it all over again. Some cats are satisfied even with just putting their tiny paws into literally anything. Have a look at these photos and have a nice laugh. Maybe one day you’ll take a photo of your cat and we’ll include her in our next story!

‘If I fits I sits’ challenge accepted



Don’t judge me

Refreshing cat salad

How? Looks like a Genie from a lamp

Cardboard boxes are the best cat toys ever

via [catsoncatnip]