Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disabilities

As many of you know December the 3rd is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. For this occasion, we prepared a special photo series about them and their abilities. Yeah, real and true abilities. The idea was to show how disabled people actually can do everything the ones without disabilities do occasionally or every day, and that’s why the leitmotif behind this is “what you can do, I can do too”. Photographers responsible for these fun and uplifting pictures are Marko Rupena and Nikola Barbutov from Belgrade, Serbia. They made several series of photos that include activities like table tennis, billiard, walk in the park – and all of those can be handled equally by persons with disabilities and those without. As your curious writer and that whimsical girl on wheels, I took this one article very personally and seriously, so I hope, you’ll be inspired and motivated just as we were. Visit our featured photographers’ website and Instagram Page for more real-life stories!

Proper aiming techniques and detailed instructions.

Billiard was a part of #trysomethingnew challenge and we’ll come back for more.

Table tennis is our favorite sport and time for training and improving.

Did you know that the usual table tennis rules are in effect with slight modifications for wheelchair athletes?

And this is a complete victory.

It’s fine to say “we walked together”, in case you’re ever thinking about that.

Beautiful day and colorful autumn vibes.

Take care of your friends.

And the one you love.

And spend as much time as you can with them, cause those are some fun times.

Disabled or not, we all have our lives and we all need the same things to be happy, so there is no difference, only love, and understanding.

So, it’s just the way we move, wheelchair, or any other disability doesn’t make us less human or less complete.

Appreciate the difference, try to understand it and you’ll get to know it better, that’s how life becomes amazing. Thanks, everyone!