Celebs Side-by-Side with Their Younger Selves by Ard Gelinck

“All Photoshop edits are my own creative thoughts and are well-meant and made out of respect for the artists and photographers,” – Ard Gelinck. A Dutch graphic designer and his “best friend” Adobe Photoshop have brought us so many celebrities side by side with their younger selves. A long-lasting project/series that can be followed on his Instagram with new content on daily basis! Ard doesn’t use his photo manipulations for sale or commercial purposes, only to satisfy the needs of wandering minds. And it really does provide an awesome service. Looking at these photos we clearly see how time changes us from the outside, but as well human beings. You can see it in our eyes, our smiles, our posture. And it’s much more clearer now, thanks to the amazing work by Ard Gelinck.
More info: Instagram, Twitter.

Matt Leblanc

Photo credits: ardgelinck

Pierce Brosnan


Tom Selleck


Scarlett Johansson

Leonardo Dicaprio

Macaulay Culkin

David Bowie


Joaquin Phoenix

Eternal star Robin Williams would have turned 70 today.

Will Smith



Halle Berry

Marilyn Monroe

Whitney Houston

George Clooney


Julia Roberts

George Michael

Brad Pitt

Michael J. Fox


Drew Barrymore

Bon Jovi

Elton John

Sylvester Stallone


Amy Winehouse

Margot Robbie

Conan O’Brien

Reese Witherspoon


Bruno Mars

Jennifer Aniston

Mel Gibson

Tom Hanks

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